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20 September 2002 - 12:48 a.m.

Listening: P.O.D, "Youth of the Nation"

Airport laptop strikes again! Muaha!

Okay, okay, so I'm stuck in Denver at the moment. While the layovers and shit aren't as bad on this batch of flights as they were four days ago, it's still a pain in the ass: took off from Nashville, to Chicago, only to find that my "direct" flight to San Diego now has a layover in Denver of an hour, on top of the delays caused by flying out of the way. Such is the lot of the cheap-ass traveler.

The trip was good, if wracked with a bit of drama. In case you didn't know, I flew out to Tennessee to see some old friends, namely Christy and Jennifer and Travis. Travis, it turns out, went to England with his new unit (502, pronounced five-oh-deuce) on the 10th, so that was out. He was cool enough to let us use his trailer to stay out (we ended up not having to) because Christy got a big bitch of a roommate. (Side note: big bitch roommate tried to bust out Christy in front of the RAs and staff, only to find that Christy was in the right, and now big bitch has to move into a much shittier dorm, and continue paying for the good one.) Anyways. So I flew out there, with some very unfortunate timing: four days, right in the middle of the week. But I figured, it was a cheap ticket, and there's not much I'd rather spend my money on than traveling to see my droogs and lovers and fellow no-goodniks, so it decided to do it anyways.

Methinks the little airline flunkie that's glaring at me is going to come give me the boot off this electrical outlet. Fuck him.

Anyways. Got there, hung out with Christy, went to some of her classes, did the busy-person thing. Not bad. After a couple days searching, found Jenn (who no longer lives with, nor talks to, Kara). Spent a good evening with her, drinks and some DVDs and lots of talking.

The next day? Dunno what to read it. Me and Christy were going to go to Outback, but as we tend to do when we're around each other too long, we ended up arguing, and of course it escalated (as it always does with us). Next thing I know we're going down the street, screaming at each other, and I can't stand it anymore, so I leap from the car.

Which was still moving at a good clip. Not the smartest thing I've ever done.

Scraped up my leg but good, got my arm, and banged up my knee and elbow, neither of which want to move very much right now.

But hey, any landing you can walk away from is a good landing, right?

And it served it's purpose. Dramatic gesture, broke us out of what we were screaming about, and we started to get along, and had the steak dinner, and it was good. Another reason why I can't be that girl's boyfriend. We make great friends, but a shitty couple.

Saw Jenn again to kiss her goodbye, which was sad, because me and her never did have enough time together, and she's -so- sweet. But again, not meant to be.

Seems to be a recurring theme in my life lately.

Interesting rest of the day coming up, though. As soon as I get to San Diego, my dad's picking me up, but he has a flight out to Salt Lake about an hour later, so we're not entirely clear on if he's gonna take me back to my car, or just toss me the keys to his on the run-by. Jetsetting family, us. Then I gotta get back to Alpine, grab all the shit I set aside to take up to the dorm, and drive up to Santa Barbara this evening. Gonna do it late so I can a) skip traffic through LA, and b) be there as early as possible on move-in day (tomorrow). It's going to be strange going back to communal living, and I'm not entirely sure yet if I'm going to be able to groove on it or not. I imagine it has to be a lot more liberal than living in the barracks, but then again, I somehow doubt UCSB would overlook me hanging off the roof in an upside-down rappel, with a bottle of Jack in one hand and pellet gun in the other, like my CO did in Korea. Plus, my new roommate (they give out the numbers with the assignments) keeps calling me, and I -so- don't wanna talk to him until I have to. Not much patience for the old roommates.

But then, it really is the best way to meet people and get into the swing of things. Plus, they're mostly freshmen, and I'm a bit older than that, so if I can just avoid getting kicked out for providing booze, I should have a pretty pimp setup.

Well, I reckon the plane's gonna start reboarding here in a moment, so I'm gonna jet. I'm hoping to get a new seat, because I get airsick and I got jammed in the middle (and I always managed to get wedged between two fat fuckers). But I don't think that's going to happen.

Oh, did two at once, so check the previous button for another one.


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