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25 September 2002 - 11:38 p.m.

Listening: "Germ-Free Adolescents", X-Ray Spex

Just a quick summary, since Iím tired and I have my first class in the morning.

In the dorm, having fun, not getting much done. Have received two parking tickets in as many days (at UCSD they have some sympathy: if you have one on your windshield, they give you a couple free days. Here, they donít give a fuck). Uhm, went to dinner tonight at Somethingís Fishy with Nicole, Annie, Masako, Yayo, and Kuruvilla. Good food, not too expensive, had sushi for the first time. Pretty good. Nicole and Annie are hot, Annie has a boyfriend, Nicole does not. Went to the English Dept. discovery day. Moderately interesting. First day of classes tomorrow, including fencing at 9, which will suck balls, as I have five new, big blisters from playing ball in Converse. No good. But fencing = good. Slash, drain, wrap feet in tape... I know how to handle blisters. Life skills, the Army gives you. Need to write letters to a couple wonderful, gorgeous people.

Such is life.


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